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Mary Branson is a fascinating speaker who tells a compelling story of her work as an artist and creator of fine art light installation New Dawn which is on permanent display in the Houses of Parliament. Mary created the work to reflect the passionate, and at times scandalously bloody, historic campaign for women’s suffrage.

Mary’s creation reflects the fact that she is an ardent narrator for the forgotten voices of women and men who laboured tirelessly for women’s suffrage. Her meticulous research into many forgotten parliamentary archives has given Mary a fascinating insight into the real lives of people from the turn of 20th century Britain, which she brings to life with touching wit and candour. 

For a compelling journey back through time, reflected through the eyes of visionary artist who is able to bring to life the day to day social and cultural heritage of a ground-breaking period of British history, Mary can guarantee a riveting speaker session.

Mary is available to speak at private and public events in the UK and abroad by appointment.

Mary is an inspirational speaker and she brought to life the story behind ‘New Dawn’ when she spoke about it to a group who had just visited the Act Room and then seen the art work in place in the House of Commons. Her passion shines through for the suffragist movement and the achievements of the women who led the campaign. Mary is a brilliant artist who has the ability to express her creativity through her public speaking as well as through the amazing work she produces.
— Jill Pay, Chairman of the Pink Shoe Senate
Mary’s talk was inspiring and uplifting. The background, research and journey that she went through to create the work is fascinating, and she speaks with authority and knowledge of every part of the creative process and the technicalities of the piece, with a manner that is enchanting, makes you feel like she’s speaking to you alone and an enthusiasm about the work that is infectious.
— Helen Cundy, Director. Forest Arts Hampshire
‘After creating her seminal work New Dawn at the Houses of Parliament I invited Mary Branson to speak to the Surrey Sculpture Society. She explained her journey through the project; Mary spoke honestly and eloquently, captivating the audience.
I am now living and working in Cornwall and as the Chairman of St Ives September Festival I have invited Mary to be a guest speaker at the Porthmeor Studios, St Ives which I believe will be a great addition to the 2017 Festival program.’

— Mary English, Chair of the St Ives Festival



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