In 2011, I was approached by Surrey Arts to collaborate with artists Jono and Debi Retallick and Mat Clark to create a multi -sensory landscape installation that would be part of the Olympic torch relay event celebrations in Surrey. 

Over a period of three months we created the twelve, six-meter columns that were made up of one thousand individual pieces of chalk, hand made porcelain leaves and cast bio-resin insects.  

Mat Clark produced a surround sound score to which the lighting sequences were programmed.



To create a series of sculptural shafts of light within the trees, like the beams that show up dust swirling in the air. 

I wanted the light source framing our suspended pieces to have an architectural, cathedral like quality. The soundscape needed to animate the sculpture and have a cinematic sense, creating a magical, joyful and sometimes frightening effect.  



Photo Credits: Emma Brown