Dead Women Can’t Vote: Why we chained ourselves to Parliament- Huck Magazine

Photo Credit: Huck

“Sisters Uncut has often been described in the media as the “modern-day suffragettes” following our invasion of the red carpet at the Suffragette film premiere last year. We have grown fast and become infamous for our disruptive protest tactics: having dyed the Trafalgar Square fountains blood red and barricaded the entrance to the Treasury.  In discovering that an expensive art installation would be revealed in Parliament on 7 June 2016 to commemorate the suffragettes – the women who struggled for the right to vote in Britain – we decided to plan a visual and powerful direct action to target the guests as they left Westminster Hall, the site of many historic suffragette protests. The disruption of this parliamentary launch aimed to highlight that the fight for women’s rights, safety and independence is not over: after all, dead women can’t vote.”