I have approached this project as a small piece of land art, using a bold, minimalist sculptural form in a landscaped setting. It is intended to celebrate the whole suffragette movement and In a broader sense to be a token for all women- a feminine marker, and a memorial to the death of Emily Davison at Epsom Racecourse.

The starting point is the symbol for woman- a cross with a circle beneath.

The circle is represented in inverted form as a polished white concrete ellipse, approximately 8m by 4m, placed on the centre line of the roundabout.  Landscaped below is the cross, in the form of a chalk path, which dissects the sculpture and radiates diagonally out to the perimeter.

The surrounding area outside the chalk path remains as grass.

The concrete ellipse would act as both an outline against the sky, and a frame- capturing the view of the surrounding fields. Once a year, at dusk on June 8th, the setting sun would appear held in it’s centre - commemorating the day that Emily died.

During the night, the white surface of the concrete is illuminated in purple, using architectural floodlighting. The whole echoes the colour theme of the Women’s Suffragette movement – white, green and purple.


CGI Credit: David Richards